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Step 1/4: Details of applicant /
applicant organization

(The entry form must be submitted by ONE of the project partners. This organization must provide proof of non-profit status and will be the primary contact for the entire project)

When filling out the entry form, please note the following:

Our online entry form stores your data, which means you can access it again after exiting the form (whether on purpose or by mistake). However, please ensure that cookies are enabled for your browser and that these are not deleted after every session or after x-days (check your browser settings).
We recommend that you save your data in a separate document (e.g. a Word document), so that you can have access whenever you need.

Templates for the additional documents required (budget and cost plan, statement of intent from all project partners) will be sent in the confirmation email you will receive after submitting the online entry form.

Information to the storage of your data and to data privacy HERE.

Details of applicant / Partner 1:

Project manager:

Besoin d'aide ?

Besoin d'aide ?